Hi! Let’s catch up. These last few weeks have been crazy busy. Right now, all I want to do is take a minute to reflect, enjoy, and well, say hi to you, my lovely readers! So here’s what I’ve been up to. I’ll try not to drag it on too much.


I started my day yesterday at 5AM (so not my style). After a quick shower, I was off to NYC to tape holiday party looks with the national lifestyle show Better (airs on Dec 4th, check your local listings). It’s crazy how many hours go into finding the clothes, models, and planning out the segment, only for filming to take five minutes. HUGE shout out blog contributor Brooke for modeling and scouting out the other models for the segment.

I gifted my each of my models a pair of Spanx Tights (c/o Spanx, thanks Spanx!!), but Brooke and Taisa (she modeled too) had a gift for me! Get a load of this bling. It’s from the Juicy Couture Holiday Preview, an event I missed last week due to a stomach bug/cold/week-of-sickness. I was so bummed I had to miss the event, but the necklace was a total pick-me-up. I loved it so much that I decided to wear it on camera for the segment.

Oh, also Steve-O from Jackass was in the green room at the show. It was too early and my entourage (aka my boyfriend, who came for moral support – so sweet!) was feeling a bit too shy to ask for a pic, but Steve-O was really nice and has a very distinct laugh.




I’ve also been busy blogging for Simon Malls as their King of Prussia Style Setter. I hope you check it out. If you’re at the King of Prussia Mall soon, look for me on signs and on floor clings. They’re throughout the mall and I just found a new one (or at least new to me) in front of Madewell. I was so excited that I took a pic. That’s me, the Style Setter wearing sweats and Uggs in the background. In my defense, it’s been extremely cold and this was after my six hour NYC trip. I’ll be shooting a video for the mall this Sunday, so if you’re shopping look for me and get on camera. [incentive: you could win a gift card from Simon Malls!]

What else is new? Our contributor page! I’ve got a good group of girls right now and I love showcasing other voices on Trend Hungry. Kelsey is so witty and has no problem saying what designs are overprices (like H&M’s Maison Margiela diffusion line – yikes!) and what celebs are looking ridiculous. Mackenzie knows what we all want to know about makeup on a budget; here’s her piece on BB vs. CC Cream. And Brooke mixes fashion with what’s going on in pop culture  – like her last piece on Elizabeth Taylor’s style.

Oh, and that pic of the flower crown is DIYed by my friend Kristen that she gifted to me the other day – so sweet! She and her boyfriend made this video promoting Philly that I’m in (look for shopping bags to find me). My boyfriend made the music. Hope you like!

P.S. You can follow what’s going on behind the blog on Instagram @TrendHungryBlog!

Thanks for reading! Xo! Jessie




How much fun did you have taping? If you weren’t so darn nice I might be jealous instead of inspired.


It was a lot of fun, minus waking up at 5 AM 🙂 Thanks for your support!! xo!


I’m obsessed with your new necklace. I mean seriously…can I borrow it?!

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