Here in Philly, we are on lockdown. Thankfully, we won’t be getting hit too hard. So what’s a girl to do while stuck inside? Well besides drink wine, play board games, and fight with your roomie, there are a ton things for you to do with your time inside. Here are 10 ideas team Trend Hungry recommends!


1. Purge old clothes. You’ve been meaning to cut down your supply of LBDs from Forever 21. Some of those were def only appropriate for dorm parties, not office ones. If your goods are in good condition, sell on Threadflip.

2. DIY your digits. Those nails can use a cool coat of polish. Maybe today’s the day to try polka dots or a half moon manicure (tutorial here).

3. Online shop. You know you want to! Start by making a list of what your wardrobe really needs to keep you focused.

4. Get into a TV show. Reactivate Netflix and watch that show everyone’s been telling you to check out. For me, that’s Revenge and so far, so good!

5. Organize gift cards. Have twelve gift cards with an undisclosed amount left? Go online, find out that balance, and put a tiny post it on the card to keep your spending in order.

6. Store bling in style. Use old ice cube trays for those big cocktail rings (tutorial). Or try a frame with plastic mesh or burlap for a quick earring display (tutorial).

7. Turn old magazine into vision boards. Use this time trapped inside to inspire and rejuvenate dreams! Rip out pages of inspiration and add to a bulletin board or poster. Think of it as old-school Pinterest.

8. Eat. Use this time as an excuse to savor some snacks. Peanut butter and jelly, hot cocoa, and nutella on crackers will go awesome with idea #4.

9. DIY a faux glow. After your mini staycation, arrive back to your normal routine looking sun kissed. Coworkers/classmates will take notice how well rested you look!

10. Rework your wardrobe. #1 was to purge. #10 is to play stylist. #7 should have given you some creative inspiration. Take it, and run with it! Play dress up with the clothes you’re keeping and you’ll find new ways to wear your goodies. You’ll show up after the hurricane looking more stylish, tan (#9), and confident (#7).

Stay inside and stay safe! Comment below and share with us what you’re doing while Sandy approaches.



Great ideas! I could definitely use this time to unpack more boxes from after moving. However, my school and work life continue from home, so I’ll be doing that in slow motion… from the couch. Stay Safe! – Carla


Best one was vision board and clean out closet. Both of these I do when trapped in the house on a bad weather day.


Great ideas! With another day off I’ll be sure to take note. At the least, a DIY mani, and if we have power I can use my foot bath.

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