Yowza, did you check out the fashions from Oscar night? There were a whole lotta gorgeous gowns, but we all know that, so let’s talk about something else. The clutches. I’ve been craving clutches lately so this award season I payed special attention to the little glam bags celebs have been opting for. And guess what’s trending? A super-chic style called the pillbox clutch.

Pillbox Clutch: A small, hard-shelled handbag that’s  meant to me carried in hand. Top styles include square and oval.

Jennifer Lawrence

Tag: Deena & Ozzy Jaguar Hard-Case Crossbody Pouch, $24.99 at Urban Outfitters.

Celeb Sightings: The Jennifers (Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Garner), Selma Hayak, Diane KrugerIsla FisherKourtney Kardashian … this list goes on and on!

Giuliana Rancic

Like this trend, but don’t have a fancy event in the near future? No worries! Up the style of your typical jeans and a tee by pairing with a pillbox clutch.

Jennifer Aniston

oscar night clutch  Tag: Structured Satin Clutch, $9.99 at Forever 21.

What would you wear a pillbox clutch with? Comment below!


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