In honor of boot season, (yes, there is a boot season and it goes from September to May) I’m going to let you in on my favorite boot trend – fringe. Okay, fringe is one of those trends that keeps reoccurring, and on various pieces – bags, skirts, your hair. But I’m not sick of it and fringe boots are always on the top of my shopping/browsing list. In honor of my quest for the perfect fringe boots (I think I found them!), here’s a slew of celebs wearing this trend over the last few years: Mischa Barton, Kourtney Kardashian, Kate Hudson, Vanessa Hudgens. And, here are four reasons why we (as in me, Trend Hungry Contributors, and you fab fashionistas!) are obsessing over fringe boots.

#whywelove: fringe boots

1. They’re a statement piece. Fringe can be subtle, but those hanging pieces add interest – perfect for pairing with other trned, or letting the boots be the focus.

2. Coachella Chic! These boots were made for this music fest and wearing them anytime carry that free-spirited, concert-cool vibe. They totally make anyone look relaxed, even you neurotic type A-ers.

3. Shorts, pants, anything goes. Try with daisy dukes on a hot fall day. Or add long, chunky socks over riding pants and have the socks peeks out from the boots and you’re layered lady. They even make leggings look dressed up.

4. One word. Well, name. Pocahontas.

Fringe keeps coming back, but what fringe suits your style? Heck, which one suits mine? Think ya know? Comment below!

P.S. Kourtney Kardashian’s boots pictured above are Minnetonka and are $90 on Shopbop.




Love fringe! This is just what I need for fall!

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