Songstresses like Nicki Minaj and Rihanna have been featured here on Trend Hungry more than a few times. It’s not just because they’re insanely talented. Their music may be hugely popular, but their fashions grab attention too. So much so, that this blog scours the internet to find their stylish looks for far less.

Different songs, much like different outfits, fit different personalities, different styles, and portray a different feeling. When you’re listening to a party record, do you imagine the person singing it wearing sweats? No. You envision an outfit fit for the club and dressed to impress for a crazy night awaiting.


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The duo that make up  Nina Sky have unique style and see the love affair fashion and music have. “People love to listen to music and keep up with their favorite artists, from their latest videos to what they’re wearing… So of course it would influence fashion trends.”

In honor of ORGNL TV, Stoli asked me to reflect on how fashion is influenced by music. And my style, changes with my mood, much like my music choice.

We listen to music like we pick out furniture or decide what to wear. We do it based on how we want to feel. When feeling free spirited, I’ll don something hippie inspired and will listen to records with acoustic guitar and a laid-back vibe. When it’s party time, an uptempo beat is required along with a sexy, curve-hugging dress and lots of mascara.


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That being said, our favorite music, both styles and artists influence our creative expression. On a daily basis, that expression comes through by what we wear. Maybe you’re moved by Lana Del Rey’s vocals and embrace her retro style, or loved platform kicks thanks to The Spice Girls making them look so fun. Music and fashion are creative cousins and often certain sounds coincide with trends and styles. Certain songs, artists, and genres embody a vibe and clothes can capture, heighten, and showcase those feelings too.

True artistry is taking those influences and crafting your own style. That may mean a Carrie Underwood record influenced you to add cowgirl boots to your leather, drop-waist dress. That naughty Rihanna made you want that leather dress. So will your Spotify playlist help set the top for tomorrow’s outfit? Maybe it’s time to remix your style and a few new tracks may help the creativity get kick started.

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