I just got an email from Refinery 29 about 10 Things We All  Own & How to Wear ‘Em”,  and being the Frugal Fanny that I am, I clicked with glee. I’d rather repurpose something I already own than go out and buy  and waste money. I mean, we’re all about looking good without going broke over here at Trend Hungry, am I right?

So anyways, I’m clicking through the slideshow: “I have that. Yep. Yep. I have those.” Then I came across something I didn’t have, nor had ever seen. First, let me just say this, I am ALL about accessories. The more the merrier. So when I saw this beautiful “tassel necklace” I was semi disturbed that I didn’t already have one. Thus, my search for the perfect, inexpensive, but-still-expensive-looking tassel necklace kicked off. And then consumed about three days of my time.

Here is the pic they used for slide #6 going over how to wear your tassel necklace (that apparently everyone and their mother already owns already) during transitions to and during each season.


Have you ever seen anything so cute? Have you every just had to have anything this much? …no? Only me? I don’t care who you are, this is a cute piece of jewelry and should be a staple in everyone’s closet.  

That’s where my hunt began. They list this necklace from Nasty Gal for $22, which is a great price, but I like options. So here’s a DIY to make your own necklace with tiny tassels  from HelloLittleHome.com (talk about a crafty steal). Or if you’d prefer to buy than DIY,  may I present to you this week’s steal, unique tassel necklaces on sale and right on trend. Some of these necklaces are over 60% off.

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