In case you haven’t been near a computer for the past week, Danielle Fishel, better known as Topanga from Boy Meets World, has been making her mark all over the internet with a new steamy Maxim cover. Mr. Feeny…Cory Mathews…Chubbies- who doesn’t remember this iconic tv series! If you don’t tune in to catch reruns of the crew every weekend, here’s a flashback into the style history of every guy’s dream girl…Topanga.

Cropped Top

fishel crop top

This picture completely defines the 90s. She’s totally rockin’ the look, but WOW! 90s’s fashion was something else, don’t you think? Spring is just around the corner so get ready to witness everyone’s navels peeking out. Crop tops go great with high waist jeans or a flowing skirt for those warmer spring evenings. Crazy to think but 90s fashion is slowly making a comeback. Check out this crop top we found on sale for only $7.49!

Boyfriend Jeans Danielle_Fishel-008p


Meet wannabe bad girl Topanga (what season is this picture from?) Boyfriend jeans are a great item that every girl should have in their closet. They work great year round and are really sexy when paired with some heels or wedges. Check this pair out for only $21.99, Good call Topanga!

Call Me Maybe?

Topanga who?? I think everyone’s jaws dropped when this picture leaked last week. Topanga is back and looking better than ever. Feeling comfortable in your skin while looking sexy is exactly what this picture exudes. Every girl should have that special lingerie set that makes her feel sexy.

Jean Jackets


Hi my name’s Topanga and I’m just one of the guys! If you did a quick glance of this picture, you’d never be able to tell there’s a fierce mama under those clothes. Trend Hungry loves jean jackets…just not in this look. (It’s okay…we’ll blame it on the decade.) Rock darker denims in the fall and winter and save the lighter rinses for spring and summer.



Hello there. This is my favorite look because 1.She looks fabulous. 2. She’s rocking lingerie during the day. 3. Topanga is back! Thin-strapped dresses are ideal because they can be taken from the street to the bedroom.

Fun fact: If you have a form-fitting dress, it can easily be tucked into high-waisted jeans to emulate a bustier. We love this River Island dress! How about you?

What was your favorite Topanga style? Share by leaving a comment below!

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