In case you haven’t noticed, this blog is ultra budget friendly. That’s because fashion should be fun and the guilt associated with spending money takes away from the care-free feeling creating your style should give. That being said,a girl that’s too penny wise and doesn’t treat herself makes for a dull girl. Like I said, style should be enjoyable, so sometimes you gotta get that pair of $228 jeans. Here are the rules of the splurge.

1. GOTTA LOVE IT. Yeah, if you don’t feel like you cannot live without it and it will vastly improve your style happiness then think about what else you could be spending that money on.
2. FITS LIKE A DREAM. For me, it’s so had to find the right jeans. I’d gladly trade in my 10 pairs of cheapies for one pair that makes me feel flawless.
3. NOT TOO TRENDY. If you’re gonna invest in a piece make sure it’s worth the investment. A neon belt, probably not worth spending $80 on. Little black dress, you’ll wear to cocktail parties, dinners, weddings, you name it.
4. MAKE IT A CLOSET STAPLE. Is this something that will fit right into your existing wardrobe and be a go-to item? A printed pair of denim may look really cute, but a classic blue pair could end being worn for 10 years. Think about price be wear. If it’s something you’ll wear over and over, then that designer items may actually end up costing you less per wear than that Forever 21 dress you only wore once.
5. QUALITY IS KEY. When opting to drop cash that you’re not used to spending, give it a quality check. Is it handmade or made with an expensive material? Ya gotta pay for quality.
Calling Philly Fashionistas! I’ll be in-store hosting Diesel’s King of Prussia Grand Opening this weekend and you’re invited! Come stop by and enter to win tickets to Coachella!!


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