Beyonce gets a lot of love here on Trend Hungry. We’re not Beyonce biased, she just happens to be a trendsetter that makes fashion accessible – aka what we’re all about! The Queen B is kicking off Labor Day Weekend in Philly at Made in America (why didn’t I buy tickets?) and you can show her some love by rocking a shirt she owns. In fact, copy the whole look – it’s festival appropriate.


Okay let’s cut to the product details. The top is Gifted Apparel NYC’s Name Brand Crop Top and rings in at $25! How is this not sold out?!?!


Well, it’s still on the market and we’re snagging one before it’s too late. Are you? Tell us in the comments below.

P.S  Pair the top with some mirrored sunglasses. Beyonce knows her style stuff!

P.P.S  Check out the affordable top Beyonce wore last year at Made in America.

{pic via Gifted Apparel’s Tumblr}


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