This last year has been truly amazing. I got my job at Wired 96.5 as their Resident Fashionista and it parlayed into being on four radio stations weekly and regular tv appearances. I owe it to some fabulous contacts that have offered stellar guidance … and to my blog readers!!! This site has given me an outlet, a brand, and so much purpose. Thanks for reading! Share the love …

Here are some bloggers that I’m thankful for. They’re on their game and the strives they make push me to stay motivated.

Budget Bloggers …

Penny Chic – this blog is so genius and Shauna, the blogger behind the Walmart-Chic site, has made a lot of cool opportunities for herself. I loved Walmart before, but this site makes me wanna run out and get the entire luxe look for less. Walmart has never looked so good!

Fabulous on a Budget – This duo is adorable! Tipsy Tuesday makes me want to enjoy my cocktails while wearing a cute apron and red lipstick.

Vintage Vixens …

Looking Fly on a Dime – This thrifty blogger turned me on to shopping vintage online at So many possibilities in vintage.

Sammy Davis Vintage – PA native (yeah PA!!!) Sammy has stellar style. She’s kind of quarky and pairs things in a way that’s so unique. Love her vintage lifestyle.

There are so so so so so many others blogs that I love, read and support. If there are any you are currently obsessed with tell me! I’m always looking for reading material! Leave a comment below!!

Happy Thanksgiving!! Today, like every other, is a blessing so appreciate it! Happy life, happy days, and happy shopping tomorrow!!!

Xoxo, Jessie

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That image made me giggle 😀 love your blog! xx

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