Black Friday is total chaos, and despite me being a being obsessed with fashionable deals, I don’t do black Friday.It’s totally crazy. And you can always get deals, they’re just highlighted on this day, plus the huge deals are only till noon.

Cyber Monday is way better and way less stressful! It’s like Black Friday, but from home and often bigger savings!!


Lots of stores offer the same and often better deals on Monday. Often include free shipping.

Kohl’s, Gap, Target, and the majority of Old Navy stores will be open at midnight.  Banana Republic has 40% off everything till noon.

JCPenney, Nordstrom and many more will offer double cash back on Ebates is shopping site that helps compare deals and helps you earn cash back, much like a rebate. But, know what you’re looking for.

Got a smart phone? There may be an app for you.

Black Friday App– has all the black Friday ads

ShopSavvy – scan bar code and it will shop you where to buy and what price.

Sale Saver LT – this figures out the price for deals that say a percentage off and factors in sales tax too.

Happy Shopping!


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