It’s almost Thanksgiving. I’m already lighting a pumpkin pie candle and polishing my nails in a cranberry -sauce shade. If you’re leaving you humble abode for the holiday, or future holidays, you don’t want to show up empty-handed. Wine is a staple gift. i love drinking it, but it’s kind of been done as a hostess gift, ya know?

Here are some fashionable, wine-inspired gifts that I’m featuring today on PA Live!  The wino in your life will be quite pleased!

Cork Topper  & Glass Charms

So affordable and such a cool gift. They’ll def think you spent way more than $8!

Tag: Drinking Buddy Charms & Topper, $8.00 at

Wine Woozie 

This is for the drinker who likes to relax, avoid spills, and keep wine an even temp. Perfect for lounging in the hot tub, bath tub, or chilling with friends. It identifies your glass so no one will be swapping spit. Gross, but true.

Tag: Wine Woozie, $13.00 at

Portable Wine Rack

Great for small-living spaces and so quick to store away.

Tag: Barrel Wine Rack, $20.00 at

Tune in at 4pm!!

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