Today one of my favorite bloggers is taking over Trend Hungry and she’s sharing her sale-shopping favorites. Meg‘s a creative that also knows a lot about the blog biz  – I took her class Blog, Biz, Buzz… highly recommend! She’s also an artist and a consultant. I’m basically obsessed with her blog and her business sense. Read on to snag her stylish deals. – Jessie
Right now (and after the holidays) is the perfect time to find what you’ve been eyeing all season on sale. I’ve already scored a few pieces myself when sites do a blanket discount (like 30% off everything including what’s already on sale). Oh man those are good.


The key to sale shopping around the holidays is to stick to your list. You should make a list of the key items you need/want in your wardrobe and try to stick to that to keep you from buying random stuff that you will never end up wearing just because it was on sale (we are all guilty of not being able to resist that low price tag). I personally only try to purchase items that I know I’ve been wanting for a while. If I think about it, and go back and look at it online multiple times, I know it’s a winner.


– I love to buy nice casual clothing. Just because you wear it at home doesn’t mean it has to look awful.

– A cashmere sweater under $100… definite buy. (pine green)

– Colorblock and DVF in the same sentence. I’ve tried these on and they are super comfy.

– This clutch is super-chic at a killer price.


For more from Meg, check her out at or tweet her @MegBiram. Tweet this post with the hashtag #salerackskinny or #SRS for short. -Jessie

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