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Fur Accents

Holidays parties, happy hours, and of course, New Year’s Eve festivities are all things to look forward to in the upcoming weeks. But the memories of these events won’t hold as many truths as the Internet will. Rockin’ the most elegant and unique look to any and all holiday events will make each party that much more enjoyable. Plus, the holidays are the most perfect time of the year to show off your style and pose for Instagram photos. Fur accents make a noticeable impression that’s not too in your face. Throw on a faux fur vest or coat, or add a fur collar or clutch to your ensemble, as this trend can be as dressy or casual as desired.

Depending on the destination of your holiday happy hour, you run the risk of being stuck in a crowded hot bar. Complete bummer but there is still hope to look fab because fur collars are here to save the day. Comfortably placed over a plain tee and blazer with jeans and pumps. The fur collar will spice up your comfy casual wear and add luxurious to the look. Throw your hair in a high bun with a plum lip to complete the look.


Tip: Avoid predictable colors like red during the holidays…everyone’s expecting it so opt out for a pink, purple, or orange lip color.
If things get heated at the party, lose the blazer and let the collar speak for itself while you bring your body temperature down a couple notches.


Intimate holiday parties are a little more fun to play with. This is where fur vests and coats come into play. You won’t have any annoying coat checks or temperature issues to worry about, plus it’ll give you a chance to really look fab in front of people you may not have seen all year! And they’re very forgiving when you feel like treating yourself to extra cake pops and bubbly.


Tip: Opt for a fur vest when at a bar or an event without a place to rest your stuff. It’ll add warmth, allow you to showoff your outfit, and hide any food babies.


Add texture to that classic little black dress or leather pants  or add spunk to any long-flowing dress or wide-leg dress pants and collared shirt combo with a touch of fur – clutch, coat, vest, or scarf all work.
Don’t deny there’s an eight out of ten chance you’re going to wear sequins on New Years Eve. Since you know this, take it easy with the fur. A fur clutch or stiletto are subtle yet effective ways to slip this trend into your holiday attire. Not sure if you’d want to rock fur heels for the other 364 days of the year, but this splash of fur is highly acceptable for New Years Eve or maybe even the bedroom, no?

 Tip: One fur at a time, please.

Fur is loud, fun, and daring. In the right dosage, fur is a classic and chic look that will surely get people’s attention. Don’t over do it. You should never be wearing more than one item with fur on it. Leopard print dress with fur coat- two thumbs up for unique classiness. Fur vest, fur heels and black dress- two thumbs down for fur suffocation. Your coat has a fur collar and you’ve got on earmuffs and gloves with fur embellishments? We’ll let that one slide.

Which one of these fur trends will you wear to your next party? Shop these fur goodies below and fine the best accent for your style!

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