So we all know how much effort we put in to looking our absolute best on New Years Eve, but don’t think that prepping for the best night ever ends after you decide on the perfect outfit. The secret weapon behind looking fabulous all night is what is kept in your bag! We’ve compiled a list of New Years Eve must-have essentials to ensure the perfect night.

1. Oil blotting papers. Keeping shine away without ruining your makeup, these papers are key to looking camera ready all night. Try Sonia Kashuk Matte Blotting Papers to degrease yourself.

2. Lip Stain. Make sure your lips are reading to pucker up at midnight! Opt for a lip stain to keep color on you and not your kissing partner. Our favorite? Loreal’s Infallible in Beyonce Red. This shade works on every skin tone! Revlon’s Bitten line is great too. You get color while nourishing your kissers.

Tip: If you are in an all-black ensemble, choose a lip color that will pop! My personal fave is red: so classic and always sexy! For a busier outfit, avoid looking overdone by choosing minimal makeup like a nude lip color or shimmery-sheer gloss. 

3. Hair Comb. Available in all shapes and sizes, decorative combs are easy to carry in any size bag and will tame your tresses throughout the night. Use to sweep hair back or to detangle minor messes.  We love this one by LC Lauren Conrad with gold leaf details. Pssst, it’s on sale  $18.00 $12.60.

4. Breath Strips. I swear by Listerine strips! They dissolve so quickly, and instantly freshen your breath. Also no one wants to be caught in a party picture mid gum-chew, so strips are perfect. Best thing about them, the packaging is so tiny so no matter how much you have in your bag, there’s always room for these!

5. Foldable Flats. After (or even during) a night of partying in sky-high heels, your feet are going to crying out for help! Enter the most amazing invention for the comfort seeking fashionistas: foldable flats! Cute, comfy, and cheap, these flats can fit in your bag and come to the rescue when your feet can take no more. These foldable flats are by Dr. Scholl’s and come in a little clutch and are on sale for under $9.00!

Now that you have your list of essentials, you’re ready go into the new year prepared! Have any other must-haves you can’t leave the house without on New Years? Comment and share!! We may have to add them to our list!

Happy New Year!
XO! The Trend Hungry Team!

P.S. The clutch is Bebe & it’s on sale for under $40.00.

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