Trending: Royalty-Ready Headwear.

Here’s two royal ladies wearing fascinators. These two particular headdresses may be a bit more outlandish than the others, but it seems this is the norm in England. Afterall, it did say to wear a hat on the invitation. 

A great way to try out this trend is by hitting up a vintage shop. But, if you’re not really a hunter gatherer, opt for online shopping. The perfect place to fulfill your fascinator craving is Etsy.

Look and see!

Tag: The Grey Pheasant Fascinator, $28.00 on Etsy.

Tag: Vintage Fascinator – red with veil, $18.00 on Etsy.

The thing I LOVE about this style is that it”s bold but classy. Is it too shocking though?

Would YOU wear a fascinator?? Leave a comment and share your fashion expertise!

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