When it comes to fashion, I never forget a style, especially if it’s one I craved. I’ve spotted bracelets at boutiques that I’ve seen at Target, designer knockoffs at Forever 21, and many identical pieces marked two very different prices at different retailers. As a consumer/ frugal fashionista I’m on watch while I window shop to ensure buys at the best price. That way, I can treat myself more often.


This edition of Trendy vs Spendy may not feature a crazy-big price difference as past editions, but the way we found the steal was not the from the usual deal digging. Instead it popped up on our Instagram feed. Our budget-blogging bud, Cheapalicious shared a pic of her new Shoedazzle “Anchor’s Away” bracelet,  and it looked awfully familiar.

Juicy Couture came out with the same bracelet this past spring. I know this because I was lucky enough to receive one at the DBA gifting suite while in NYC for Fall 2013 Fashion Week. Deals are meant to be shared. So, I commented on her pic and even tagged her on my bracelet picture so she could see for herself.  Above are our Instagram pics side by side & compare for yourself (don’t mind my hairy arm on the right)!


Tag: Shoedazzle, $24.00 $18.17.



Tag: Juicy Couture, $68.00.

Unfortunately, the gold is sold out on Shoedazzle, but silver is available and under $20.

So, which one would you buy? Shoedazzle or Juicy Couture? Comment below!

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