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Teleport back to a time when the only thing people wore were leather jackets, leather pants, leather everything. Fast forward to 2013 and history is starting to repeat itself. Leather snapbacks…who doesn’t love them! But let’s be honest ladies- you hear “snapbacks” and automatically think “for the fellas”. I thought the same exact thing until fashionistas Kat GrahamRihanna, and Brandy brought life back to this trend.


Regular snapbacks are fun and stylish but leather ones give off a more chill, eclectic vibe- plus they’re perfect for cool weather and bad hair days. The key to this trend is finding a snapback that’s made out of genuine leather and visually doesn’t give off that cheap, “pleather” feel. If you think your snapback looks cheap, then everyone else will think it looks cheap. If you’re looking for the perfect addition to an already edgy outfit, I’d opt for this MM Headwear plain leather snapback ($26). Looking to spice up your look? New Era ($29.99) makes great leather snapbacks for your favorite sports team (cough cough- Superbowl is weeks away!) that won’t kill your pocket! This Hardy Indiigo snapback is classic and chic but will run you $115. Call me crazy but $26 vs. $115 is a huge difference…don’t you think!

Would you rather sport a trendy snapback or go spendy?  Join the convo and comment below or tweet this post using the hashtag #TRENDYvsSPENDY.

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not sure I can rock this hat (whenever I wear a hat my husband laughs, especially a leopard one!), however have been LOVING seeing other people rock it. Great affordable finds.

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