trendy vs spendy: cap toe heels
Who doesn’t love a luxe looking pair of pumps? It’s rhetorical, because everyone does! The metal toe is a big shoe trend right now. And with trendy pieces, it’s best to pay less. At the same time, these shoes are a classic shape and color, so they still can act as a basic piece, with a touch of glam. Seeing as a lot of people have these shoes, you want to make sure that if you’re going for the cheapies, that they don’t look cheap. I used the KMart pair for a TV segment (second pair from the top) and the show’s host was literally shocked that they were under $20 and from KMart. And she owns a designer version, so tricking her was big!
And get this, they’re same exact shoes stores like Charlotte Russe are selling for more money; yes brand and all. So don’t let the Kmart stigma stear you away from them. No one will be able to tell you got them for under $20. The Qupid brand is often sold at boutiques for way more, so save this savvy tip for next time you’re out. Plus I have a pair of Qupid ankle boots that I got last year and have worn a ton, so the quality is pretty good for the price.
Tag: (top to bottom) Steven Fearles Cap Toe Pumps $149.00 // Qupid  Women’s Potion-05 Dress Pump $29.99 $19.99 //

So would you rather take the trendy pair or go spendy? There’s only a $308.00 difference in price (please note the sarcasm). Join the convo and comment below or tweet this post using the hashtag #TRENDYvsSPENDY.



I like this! And please keep sending me trends under $20; I live for the frugal fashion!


I’ve been on the hunt for a pair of cap toe heels. Gold and black is a perfect combo in my book, and I love how reasonable some of these are price-wise!


Thank you for sharing this post
I’ve been looking for an affordable pair of these shoes

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