Whoa! This Trendy vs Spendy fashion face off is one of greatness. One of these shirts is designer and costs $550 – pricey indeed. While the other is under $35. There are so many other things I’d rather drop a half a slack on then one shirt so let’s see how these two size up. Take a gander and which one’s the budget buy and comment below and tell us if you guessed right.



LtoR: Spendy: Burberry London Blouse, $550 // Trendy: Kardashian Kollection Blouse$59 $34.24

Styling Tip: Pair with colored denim to make the top look more youthful while toning down your trendy jeans, like this…


My top pictured is Rock & Republic from Kohl’s (℅).

We’re slightly obsessed with black & white for fall (and have posted about black & white fashions more than once) so this is one style on our must-buy-now list. What about you? Are you into wearing this color combo? Tell us in the comments below!

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You look adorable! Great style tip, and definitely going with the trendy version.


Thanks Shahar! Look forward to hearing what you think of next week’s “Trendy vs Spendy” – it’s a good one!! 🙂 – Jessie


Nice find! Also, love these hot pink skinnies.

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