I’ve been pondering adding a “would you buy?” post. This could be a weekly thing on Wednesdays, where I point out an item that’s considered affordable and have you weigh in if it’s worth it. This is the first. Comment, share, and hopefully this will be a new addition to the blog.

Okay, let’s do it. Here’s the Chroma-Craft Wrap Bracelet for $28.00 from Bauble Bar. That’s not terrible, but it’s a piece of rope with a piece of metal. Is that too much? Is it just right? Shall we try to DIY it? The metal looks a lot like the Goody hair ties that double as bracelets… and they come three in a pack for $5.00. 


So now it’s your turn. Comment below. I want to hear from YOU! Would you buy it?



No I would not pay $28 for this. I agree with you that it looks like a hair tie. Even the third picture on the website, with the model wearing them, they look like hair ties. I would not even both to DIY it.


They’re cute, but definitely not worth $28.


Hmm, I wouldn’t buy that bracelet because I agree, it looks like the Goody hair ties. But I must disclose, I’ve shelled out some bucks for a few Chan Luu wraps and those…I love!


Love Chan Luu and love your comment. It’s helping me simmer down my shopping habit 🙂


Super cute, but a little overpriced. This has actually got me thinking of making my own. I recently purchase something similar at CaliJoules for like $7.

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