By Kelsey

Wouldn’t it be nice if some of Hollywood’s best dressed lent their expertise to us on a daily basis? In a dream world I would open an iPhone app every morning to fashion blogs personally written by some of my favorite dressed celebrities. Beyonce’s blog wets our palette for celeb style, and here are five more we’d like to see more fashion from.

From edgy , classic , everyday and crazy I’d pick my mood and read my blog. Yes, in a perfect world everyday would be a fashion show and it would be easy to know what exactly was going through the mind of my favorite celeb when they stepped out of the house. Since this is probably a far off dream, let’s pretend! Here are some of my dream bloggers.

1.Lauren ConradLauren Conrad is one of my favorite designers. Making fashion look effortless I absolutely love her desire for floral print. She gives  off a old fashion glam look while still looking up to date and lovely. She may have a beauty blog ( and blog on, but I want to see her style daily… and maybe copy it.

2. Katy PerryFeeling crazy? Then rock the blue hair and dramatic lashes! Katy Perry teaches us that you’re never too old to have fun with fashion. You can make a statement every day; don’t be afraid to take a risk.

3. Blake Lively is always on top of new trends. As fashionable as the character she plays on tv, she looks chic in every day clothes and in formal wear.  Known for a sleek and stylish look Blake always rocks top designer looks. Get her look!

4. Zoe Saldana is my favorite celebrity for edgy, unique fashion. She is never in a cookie cutter outfit and always makes a buzz with her flirtatious little black dresses and fabulous accessories.

5. Emma Stone is a down to earth, laid back celebrity with a fabulous fashion sense. Making jeans and a sweater look fabulous, all the pieces in her outfit are totally accessible for everyone who is not a celebrity. Black flats, stripes, and a  black leather jacket are timeless pieces that can easily intermixed with your existing wardrobe.

So now it’s your turn. Tell us what celebrity you wish had a fashion blog? Comment below!



Um, loved your choices for celebs we wish had fashion blogs! I would also add to the list JESSICA ALBA because I’m obsessed with her. 🙂


Great pick! Thanks for sharing!!

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