You may remember this style from your younger years. It’s reminiscent of the playground, yet somehow it’s back and some big-deal people have been spotted wearing it. I know, I too was skeptical yet now I find myself wanting overalls.

Who can we thank for this becoming a trend?

Justin Bieber, Cameron Diaz, Fergie, Selena Gomez, Heidi Klum, and Rihanna.

Don’t Believe me? ¬†Take a gander at these photos and see with your own eyes.


fergie in overalls


Heidi Klum makes overalls serious.


Here’s Rihanna wearing them.

rihanna wearing overalls

And Selena Gomez


And Selena again… she owns more than 1 pair!


And as for you. What pair should you check out, you ask?

This pair below is on sale from $99 now down to $20 at Urban Outfitters!

overalls on sale at urban outfitters Would you rock this trend? Tweet me @jessieholeva #trendhungry!


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