It’s week three for this black top if you’re keeping count (links to look #1 & #2) . I kinda felt like a #GIRLBOSS  with the pant pairing.  It’s not really my typical style (I rarely wear heels for an entire day) but it’s good to switch up your style every now and then.

trend-hungry Jennifer-lopez-pleated-pants on-air-style-expert-Jessie-Holeva

Style Tips

Keep your pleates looking pressed. Every girl person need a steamer (though I don’t use mine as much as I should). Your clothes will just look better when properly taken care of.

Pastel pants for work – it’s a do. The dusty pink isn’t overwhelming. It’s subtle. Watch out for Easter-egg shades that make your look feel two seasons ago.

The pants are on sale right now for $21.60 and come in other colors!

Earrings: Bling Babe // Top: Nordstrom // Pants: Jennifer Lopez, Kohls (℅) // Shoes: Cole Haan (℅) // Clutch: Jessica McClintock (old)

{DARE TO WEAR} a blog series dedicated to “dare to wear” the same thing three weeks in a row. If you’re gonna buy it, you better be able to wear it at least three ways, right? Each month a new item is featured and will be styled three ways over three weeks. Photos by Audrey Gallagher.


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