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Ever have one of those days when you just don’t feel like going through the countless steps of your hair routine? With static hair thanks to our favorite winter fashions, there’s bound to be more of us in this boat than usual. The fix? Try an easy up-do! Whether you’re late, lazy, or just too busy, we’ve got quick styles and tips for looking pretty and pulled together in no time at all.

The Beyonce Braid: If hair is wet and you’re in a hurry, run a volumizing mousse through hair and fix into a low braid. Spritz with hairspray.

Tip: remove braid after hair dries for a tousled beachy look

The Trendy Topknot: If hair is dirty or frizzy, instead of a traditional bun, go for a trendy top knot! Brush your hair thoroughly and pull into high pony. Run smoothing serum through strands and separate hair into two pieces. Tie the two pieces into a knot, then wrap remaining hair around the knot and secure with bobby pins. For a funky and fun addition to this look, before knotting, braid the two pieces!

The Sleek Pony: If you want a sleek look in minutes, brush hair into a mid-pony. A good way to gauge height is to use your finger to draw a straight line from your eyes to the back of your head and secure the pony there. Make sure to smooth out any bumps and tame any fly aways for a slicked-back modern pony. Use a straightener to go over the pony for a  pulled together high-class ‘do. Add a simple black headband for work or go glam and add a statement band with feathers or sparkle for a night out.

The Twist: It’s a favorite and very classy look. Create a side part and pull hair into a low pony. Twist hair. When your hair is tightly coiled and you can’t twist it anymore, fold upwards and pin! There are tons of ways to do this, my favorite is to pin loosely and leave out some pieces for a messy up-do look.

To one thing to keep in mind when trying these looks is to have fun and experiment: there are no rules! Comment and share your favorite up-do looks or ways you’ve made these looks your own!

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