Halloween is less than two weeks away. Start thinking about plans and costumes (I’m planning on being Kris Jenner). I love pretty much every holiday & around this time of year I like to half-ass DIY a costume (usually something topical), eat snickers, and add pumpkins to my place. Right in time for Halloween, Disney’s Evil Villain Collection is now at Walgreens.

The collection includes Ardell lashes, ELF makeup kits, Kiss Nails manicure kits,  SOHO makeup bags, and charmed ponytailers  and themed after Disney’s baddest ladies – Cruella De Vil, Evil Queen, Maleficent, and Ursula.

disney evil villains at walgreens

Kiss Nails sent me the Ursula nail kit to test out and it came with all the best nail ornaments – rhinestones, nails sticker decals, and the most different packets of the prettiest glitters. The kit has direction to guide you so you can create the signature look, but I decided to just decorate my current manicure with some of that shiny  green glitter – so witchy! 

You can kinda see them in this sneak peek pic of an upcoming Dare to Wear post.

disney villain nails

{photo by Audrey Gallagher}

Maleficent is from Sleeping Beauty, by the way. I had to google it so I figured you may want to know as well.

What Disney Villain would you buy?  Comment below!



I need to pick one of these up – I am obsessed with all things Disney 🙂


Awesome! What Villain are you into?

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