It’s almost St.Patty’s Day! Maybe you’ve already been celebrating, but this minty hue will make you stand out in the sea of green. Plus, it’s on trend, under budget, and makes you look more tan! Just sayin’.


I love the idea of mood boards and have been toying around with adding mood-board posts to the blog. This a test run. Hope you like. Maybe we’ll make it a monthly or weekly thing!?! Feedback is greatly appreciated!

Ohh, and if you ask me (I mean this is my blog *wink*wink) the best way to rock the trend is on your nails. It’s cheap, chic and a good way to test the minty waters.

mint-musts 1



Crew neck sweater
$34 –

Heart pump
$36 –

Lola Ramona hair bow accessory
$14 –

minty musts 2



Debut knit skirt
$16 –

Miss Selfridge green jewelry
$4 –

Mint Shimmer Nail Polish
$2.80 –

Fresh Mint Nail Polish
$2.80 –

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Love this color! It’s a reminder that spring is around the bend….even mint chocolate chip ice cream is this color.


Bright and minty! We made a video summary of London Fashion Week, do have a look 🙂

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