Hey, it was just Valentine’s Day. Did you treat yourself to anything? The greatest relationship is with yourself so don’t forget to show yourself some love and if it’s on sale, even better.

One of my favorite trends for spring is colored leather. It’s going to be BIG. It was on the runways and is already popping up in stores. Real or faux, whatever way you decide to go, color is in. Personally I’m loving pastel hues. It looks so fresh with the all-black outfits I’ve been gravitating towards lately and pastels have a way of going with so much.

Check out the faux-leather jacket from I ‘Heart’ Ronson. This is one of my favorite budget-friendly brands because the styles tend to be on point yet unique and look like they’d be from a cool boutique. Case and point, this light-pink jacket.


I ‘Heart’ Ronson Faux-Leather Moto Jacket, $85.00 $49.99 at JCPenney }

Wear in warm weather over a floral frock or right now with jeans and a sweater.

So is it your style? Do tell in the comments below.

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