No one looks their best when miserable. Maybe your outfit doesn’t make you feel confident or your beauty sleep got cut short. In the last two years of blogging, I’ve learned that happiness is what it’s all about. A smile really is the best accessory and I know what keeps me happy. I’m not talking about scoring a leather coach bag for $14 or getting a new lipstick, although both of those really do please me. What I have to have on the daily to stay cheerful is sugar. It’s true. I’m addicted to sweets. Even when I was working on losing the freshman 15 (or 20, who’s counting?) I didn’t skip dessert. And it wasn’t just to keep myself cheerful, but to spare the people around me of my terrible sugar-withdraw symptoms.


Today’s delicious treat and tee shirt are care of Cooper Avenue, a really cool food emporium in South Beach known for its amazing restaurants, lounges and bakeries. They sent me a little care package and I decided to style the shirt while treating myself to one of their delish chocolate-chip cookies. As you can see, the my mood is greatly based on sugar intake. Luckily, you too can sample their sweets and more (such as cheeses or even art) by ordering online.

I  blame my mom for this addiction. We’d eat a candy bar together every day on our way home from grabbing groceries (yes, we shopped and snacked daily). Now, ice cream in on the top of my grocery list, next to milk and juice – sweets are that important!

So what helps you look your best? Is your day ruined if you didn’t get a full eight hours of sleep? Is coffee your vice? Or are you a sweet-0saurus (that’s dinosaur I’d be if it existed)? Comment below!

Post Sponsored by Cooper Avenue. All viewpoints are my own. 

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