OMG. I know you already know, but Miley Cyrus and her new do – so cray cray, right!?!?! I too, like to switch it up, but chopping off all that hair is a commitment, a HUGE commitment. It’s one commitment that I’m simply not ready for. Instead, I’ve got a more temporary way to change your mane – clip-in bangs. I know, you’ve probably heard about these and thought they were weird or look fake. News flash, they don’t! I’ve tried them, love them, and recommend trying these before going for the real thing – bangs are a commitment too.


Famous Fans include Kim Kardashian (yup, those were fake), Nicki Minaj, and of course, the hair queen Miss Jessica Simpson. I’m not sure if Zooey Deschanel’s are fake, but that full bang can easily be achieved with a faux these clip-in bangs.

Tag: Ken Paves Clip-in Bang Hair Extension, $20.30 @ Dermstore.

Faux bangs are seriously idiot proof. Start about an inch back from your hair line. Comb them in and clip. Then play around with your hair to create the style you’re going for.

And as far as what to buy, Jessica Simpson’s line with Ken Paves is the go-to for cheap-chic hair extensions and you can get them right now for around $20. They’re not real hair, but you can use styling products including heated tools just as if they grew from your head. Cool, huh?

So have you tried clip-in bangs yet? Comment below!



kim k looks fantastic with her fake bangs! i tried the jessica simpson clip in ones too, but they didn’t look good on me 🙁

on another note, you link to miley cyrus takes me to a page about crochet shorts .. just fyi!


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