It’s Sunday, let’s reflect. This past year has been pretty incredible. The blog has helped me land national TV segments, exposure in The Wall Street Journal, and even getting a job blogging for Simon Malls as The King of Prussia Style Setter  – I’m on signs all over the mall – cray cray! Through this journey I’ve gotten to host in-store events, fashion shows, and videos with eHow. But after watching this video from big-time blogger Gala Darling at the NEPA Blog Con, I realized that my about page said none of this. Instead, it said that I eat a lot of pasta (cooking meat grosses me out – but I do eat it) and other unrelated info. This video kicked my butt in gear and I rewrote the ABOUT, but plan on tweaking it more. Bloggers, watch her video. It’s totally free and I learned a ton in those twenty minutes. Also, check out my new ABOUT and let me in on your thoughts.

I was also a speaker at the NEPA Blog Con and gave a presentation on content strategy with Shannon from A Girl’s Gotta Spa. It was great to be able to share my insight (hope you watch!), but now I’m looking for your advice. 

One thing writing this blog (and a slew of mentors) has taught me is that there is no “end-all, be-all.” Real growth means to keep evolving and let one thing lead to the next. So here’s where I am, and I’m asking for your support and opinion.

With my blog’s facelift launching late tomorrow, I’m eager to hear what you like and don’t. When I first started the blog, I was 100% writing everything. Now there’s a team of contributors to offer different viewpoints. So, it’s time to continue to evolve, but in what ways? Right now the blog is heavily fashion based with a dash of beauty and DIY tutorials. What would you like to see on Trend Hungry? More beauty how-tos? Lifestyle stuff? Blogging tips? Or more personal posts, like a look behind the blogging curtain? How about more guest series, like the Sale-Rack Skinny?

I’m really into fung shui and affirmations. Think there’s a way to add that to the blog? You, my readers, are so so so important to me. Now it’s your turn to play editor and tell me what you’d like on the blog. Comment below to share your insight.

Mucho love of this fabulous Sunday!!



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I truly dig this post. The video about the BlogCon is amazing this brought everything into nice and easy perspective for me. I really can’t *raise my hand* to everything about your blog but I dig it a lot. I want to gain control and make my blog outstanding, like yours. Thanks for sharing this video, tips & the about page is perfect.

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