By Kelsey

With her ever-present frown and oversized head pieces, Suri Cruise is shaping up to be our very own real-life Blair Waldorf; and we couldn’t be more excited. Looking to take advice from a seven year old may seem a little out there, but when you have the best fashion at your fingertips, glamour begins at a very young age. OK, we can definitely count out shopping at baby gap and please stay away from kitten heels. Although those age appropriate categories fit Suri, let’s point out some of her more mature fashion selections.


1. There is no excuse for boring fingernails, ever. Suri rocks this adorable mani on one of her more casual days.

2. With winter coming up, say no to bulky, Michelin Man-esque jackets. Instead, invest in a tailored pea coat. Suri knows classic cuts very go out of style.

3. While I’m not the biggest fan of this trend, many are. An embellished headband can be substituted for a statement necklace or other jewelry.  This brings attention to your face and will usually be a great conversation starter.

4. While Suri Cruise is known for her, for lack of a better word, disgusting kitten heels we prefer her stylish and sassy , fun flats. Like these adorable leopard print flats! This style works on any age!

5. Have fun with a pop of color. Sometimes in the winter colors can be lost with the cold weather but don’t let that stop you! Suri’s sporting hot pink tights with a houndstooth print. She’s adding color, texture, and even mixing prints. Suri can do no style wrong!

What celebs would you like featured in our next batch of Style Lessons? Comment below!

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I love the new site. I also love how easily I can find exactly the item or topic for which I am searching. Thanks for always teaching us to be so affordably “trendy”! From a devoted fan:)

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